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After 35 years in the photography business, Les Porter is enjoying a career development.

As Les Porter Photography, Mr. Porter operates the only commercial Black and White film processing business in the Newcastle area.

Mr. Porter said he realized there was a market for black and white photographic processing in Newcastle when working as a representative for various photographic companies, he realised everything was going to Sydney

‘I saw that nobody was doing Black and White work in Newcastle and it all started from that,” he said. When he decided to go into the Black & White Processing business for himself, he worked from home, using dark rooms that are also hired out for students

Over the years, Mr. Porter said, he had noticed a big swing back to Black & White work by photographers and art students.

From his business outlet, Mr. Porter continues his work as a reseller for a number of companies and at very keen prices.

He supplies photographic materials Australia wide for Agfa, Fuji, Ilford, Fotospeed and now inkjet media and ink for Epson, Ilford and Canon.

Despite the strong role photography plays in his life. Mr. Porter leaves the work of taking the photos to other people. “I just take happy snaps these days,” he said.


Abridged excerpt from The Newcastle Herald 24 May 2002